Brain Fog

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Brain Fog

Brain Fog services offered in Sarasota, FL

When you consistently have trouble concentrating or recalling information, it’s reasonable to suspect that something deeper is going on. When brain fog is related to hormone imbalance, Thomas Arne, Jr., DOC, FACC, offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at the Center for Youthful Aging in Sarasota, Florida. If you experience brain fog, call the office or schedule a treatment consultation online today. 

Brain Fog Q & A

What is brain fog?

Brain fog is a common and inconvenient symptom of many hormone imbalances. With brain fog, you might have trouble concentrating on a task at hand, or you might have trouble recalling information or memories. In any case, brain fog can be a significant hurdle in social interactions, schoolwork, and professional life. 

When you have brain fog, you might:

  • Have trouble staying focused
  • Avoid multitasking
  • Struggle to pay attention to your surroundings
  • Feel tired or sluggish
  • Feel mentally exhausted

Eventually, you might get headaches as you try to focus or concentrate. If brain fog starts to impact your daily life and not just the days when you don’t get enough sleep, it may be worth visiting the Center for Youthful Aging for hormone testing. 

Why do I have brain fog?

Brain fog can come from many different conditions. You can get it from a lack of sleep, certain medications, stress, or depression. For most people, hormone imbalance isn’t the first guess. 


Both men and women can experience brain fog as a result of hormone imbalances. Men with low testosterone and women with low estrogen (usually due to menopause) can both get reduced brain function with these conditions. 


During your initial consultation at the Center for Youthful Aging, Dr. Arne reviews your medical history to determine possible causes. Then, he draws some of your blood for hormone testing. He evaluates the sample to see if hormone imbalances are present. 

How is brain fog treated?

If your brain fog is related to menopause or low testosterone, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) with pellets can restore mental clarity. Dr. Arne implants a pellet under your skin when you undergo this treatment. For weeks afterward, it gradually releases hormones steadily,e so you don’t experience fluctuations throughout the day. 

In addition to clearing your brain fog and making it easier to concentrate, BHRT can balance your mood and alleviate other mental symptoms of hormone imbalances. These include sleep problems, fatigue, and anxiety. 

For more information about BHRT for brain fog, call the Center for Youthful Aging or schedule an appointment online today.