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Irritability is common with stress or too little sleep, but it can have a negative impact on your well-being and relationships if it’s ongoing. At the Center for Youthful Aging in Sarasota, Florida, Thomas Arne, Jr., DOC, FACC, provides bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for testosterone and thyroid hormone imbalances. Call the Center for Youthful Aging or book an appointment online today. 

Irritability Q & A

What is irritability?

Irritability involves anger, impatience, and frustration. You might feel like the smallest things in your life set you off or make you over-emotional. People who spend ample time around you might remark that you have a short temper.

There are numerous reasons why you might be irritable. It may have something to do with an underlying mental health condition like depression or anxiety, a lack of sleep, substance withdrawal, or a brain injury. In many cases, irritability comes from a hormone imbalance.

When you visit the Center for Youthful Aging, Dr. Arne reviews your medical history to learn why you experience irritability. You should also bring up any other symptoms you have, which could help him make a diagnosis. He finds out if you have a hormone imbalance using a hormone blood test. 

Which hormone imbalances cause irritability?

Several hormone imbalances can lead you to feel irritable, including:

Testosterone imbalance

Testosterone imbalance happens to many men with age. In addition to irritability, other symptoms include erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, and low energy. 

Thyroid hormone imbalance

Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck. Thyroid hormones can increase your mood swings, particularly regarding anger and similar emotions. Other symptoms associated with thyroid hormone imbalances are dry skin, muscle aches, and fluid retention. 

How is irritability treated?

Sometimes, you can get rid of irritability by reducing stress or taking a nap. With hormone-related irritability, this isn’t always the cause. Instead, you might benefit from hormone replacement therapy. 

BioTe® bioidentical hormones replace the natural hormones in your body while interacting with your hormone receptors. They’re structurally identical to your hormones, so they don’t cause unusual reactions. As long as you go through treatment under Dr. Arne’s close supervision, it’s unlikely you’ll experience side effects or complications. 

BioTe hormones come in the form of pellets Dr. Arne implants under your skin. They gradually release hormones, so you get a steady dose at all times directly into your bloodstream. 

For more information on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as a treatment for irritability, call the Center for Youthful Aging or schedule an appointment online today.